"Petrichor - the smell of the earth after the rain" How wonderful that there is such a word! Dictionary- a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Initial Ring

Circle disk letter initial ring. 14kt gold filled - custom size, monogram

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..love this clutch..

One Bag. Two Ways! Reversible and chevron, love but way expensive! Colleen, can you make this for me?

very cool: This envelope... some cardboard, origami paper and a Scor-Pal should do it.

Bellroy Men's Accessories Collection Two

Key Holder Made Out of Lego

DIY - make key locating fun . Use Legos to make this key holder and kids' keys can each have a different color Lego!

The GoPlate Wraps Around Your Beer

The GoPlate is a reusable snack plate designed to wrap around a beer bottle, so you can hold your food and drink in one hand

The USB Flash Drive Combines a Safety Pin

thekhooll: “Bulavkus Usb Safety Pin Bulavkus, from Art Lebedev, is a USB flash drive disguised as a classic safety pin.

Feed and Humiliate Squirrels At the Same Time – Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Feed and make fun of squirrels at the same time with this big head squirrel feeder! The vinyl feeder makes squirrels stick their head up to get to the goodies inside! So grab your camera and snap a photo!

Panzer Tank Knit Slippers

What you’re looking at are simply the most epic slippers ever created. Designed by Miligurumis, these comfy knit slippers look just like a pair of Panzer tanks. While they don’t actually fire ammo, they’ll definitely scare off any other footwear


Rinse out your mouth after brushing your teeth with ease thanks to this clever water fountain toothbrush. With all the form and function of a traditional toothbrush, it also features a small funnel to turn the running water into a drinking fountain.