That moment when you're having a conversation in your head and you realise you are making faces that go along with the silent conversation. Ooh all the time!

pretty much

We All Need Sleep Button

without sleep, we become tall two year olds (remember this during finals week!

Wise words.

Help Thyself _ find humor in difficult=victory _ "Every time you are able to find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.

Now that's funny!!!

Funny pictures about Wrong way of wearing a Disney sweater. Oh, and cool pics about Wrong way of wearing a Disney sweater. Also, Wrong way of wearing a Disney sweater.

so need this!! lol

Please Excuse The Mess. We Live Here Lovely coastal home dream White house, sleek pool Please excuse the mess.we live here

Every night...true story...

Your loving and patient mother clocks off at I suggest you get your tiny butt in bed before angry and "I've had enough!totally me


Haha, good taste, but no money to prove it. So kinda true, I have enough money to look a little luxurious some times. Invest in a few fine things :)

Fully functional vacuum USB helps keep your desk neat. Hahaha Awesome!

Eraser shavings, food crumbs, and whatever else there could be - USB Desk Vacuum cleaner - cool office gadgets