quick and easy scarecrow. good for a last minute costume

quick and easy scarecrow makeup.would be cute with plaid shirt and jeans. Super cute, super easy DIY costume in no time. May have to hit up Goodwill for a good scarecrow shirt!

The story of Tank...spoiler alert...I totally cried.

The Story of Tank - ok to read, the dog doesn't get hurt or suffer. Very touching story about a American Soldier, his duty to his country, and the love of his dog, is a good ending for Tank.

something to add to my daily work out!

OZ'S BELLY WORKOUT - Say goodbye to shapewear! Oz's workout plan will help tone and tighten your tummy. The exercises change slightly each day to keep your muscles guessing, allowing them to change shape

I Love Chi City <3

Chicago a. "The Windy City" a. "Chi-town" is located in northeastern Illinois at the southwestern tip of Lake Michigan


Libra here. Funny the ex husband (Pisces) and ex best friend (Aries) fucking behind my back.You will never hear me say bad things about a Sagittarius my daddy is one.not my quote above.but I love it!

I used to play with this ALL the time at my Aunt's house!!

Vintage Waterful Ring Toss- I loved this SO much when I was little!

Love this Pic

Skateboard pictures are entertaining all by themselves. Skateboarding is such a popular sport. Skateboarding is a sport that results in fantastic photos. Loaded with action, color, and emotion, skateboard pictures are a perfect subject for.

SOOOOO cute!

You know your horse is sweet when it lets a little boy ride him! Also the clydesdale looks so sweet with the mini

She makes me happy!

I love you, Betty White. My hero. I wanna be Betty White when I grow up Betty should be the ambassador for the Internet

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