Magnolia campbellii var. "Alba"

Image By Brian Haslam Magnolia campbellii var. "Alba" - I love magnolia blossoms.

Xerophyllum tenax (Beargrass)

Xerophyllum tenax (Beargrass) after a fire, this plant is the first to appear to "clear the land" of detritus. It's rhizomes survive to send up these beautiful flowers-


© Enoki Mushrooms ©Andy Phillipson / International Garden Photographer of the Year . There's a fungus among u

Beautiful ornate snow sculpture

Snow Screen from the larger Sculpture "Happy Birthday." This sculpture was a Russian entry into the 2009 Harbin Snow Sculpture Art Fair in China - photo by R Todd


Kids can create an imaginative world all their own inside this special play place made just for them. Designed after a traditional Native American teepee, it makes a terrific tent for sleepovers.

Coca Cola light

Another design of Coca Cola Light. Is there any different with it's Zero edition?

Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka, Crystallized Project, Maison & Objet 2012 The “Crystalized Project,” on the reflection of “Relationship between power of nature and human beings,” tries to create and reveal a new.

..candy lips..

Just white lip stick, put a gloss on it , sprinkle sugar on the gloss, let harden and add a second coat of gloss. Perfect for an Ice Queen Halloween costume, but it would be hard to eat and talk.D