Corporate Confections

a cake made to look like it has been decorated with scissors, buttons and other items
Grand opening party cxakw for Prima Deana salon #carinaedolce www.carinaedolce
some cookies are wrapped in plastic and have black ribbon around them that says i love you
Open house cookies for Peluso properties real estate and mortage company logo cookies #carinaedolce
there are many small tags that have been wrapped in plastic and tied with ribbons on them
Corporate confections wine label cookies #carinaedolce
cookies with blue and white icing are arranged on a cookie sheet that says choose peace, choose peace
Corporate fundraiser logo #carinaedolce
several boxes of pods are stacked on top of each other
Mini logo cupcakes for Pods swim #carinaedolce
some white buttons with rainbows and the words pitt's hill 2013 on them
Spring dance cookie favors stone hill elementary school. #carinaedolce
three tiered cupcake display with white and yellow frosting
Corporate cupcake display in honor of 70 years in business #carinaedolce
cookies wrapped in plastic and tied with ribbons
Holiday cookies for clients #tdbank #carinaedolce
there is a cake decorated with an anchor and bow
Holiday party gift box cake #carinaedolce
many small airplanes are wrapped in plastic
Airplane cookies for new runway at TD Green airport #carinaedolce
two pieces of chocolate cake wrapped in plastic
Custom logo cookies, the Kimberly group #carinaedolce
there are many pink lollipops on the table
Cake pops for bliss beauty bar opening #carinaedolce
twelve decorated cookies with red and white frosting on them that say takeda, rep's home team
some cookies are wrapped in plastic and have pink ribbons on the top one is decorated with monograms
Victoria secret pink logo cookies #carinaedolce