25 Friendship Quotes for Summer

Everything happens for a reason. We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason


10 Popular Quotes, Reimagined for Fashion Girls

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It is a fish tail. I wish my hair was long enough. blond and brown so cute just like this womens hair!

Story of my life. That's true.I'm SO awkward around people i find attractive. I can't seem to look them in the eyes without giggling.he just thinks i'm awkward and this is about someone else.

Open with Maya) I was on my third s'more. I couldn't help but to make a mess. I was licking the mallow off my figures.

"Creativity expands in an atmosphere encouraging to it, and constricts self-protectively in an atmosphere that is cynical or hostile.

Fashion Round Closed Toe Stiletto High Heel PU Pumps- I usually prefer combat boots but some situations call for heels xD

Bobbie's Diner Savannah, GA 1998 I don't remember what we ate here -- my mom did all of the eating on this trip because I was newly pregnant and, for the first time ever, didn't want to eat much of anything.

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Steve Madden Tillis Duck Boots - Buying these. Hold me over for this winter until I can get my hands on some Bean Boots

Love the slight feminine detail of the lace on an otherwise relaxed, cozy-looking shirt. (Cute off-white sweater shirt with lace sleeves and denim jeans)

Whitechin a clan cat that abandoned the clans in search of the tribe. He is now a member

Biggins nodded, bade Isaac, Kenneth and Royal farewell, then climbed into the driver’s side and shut the door. She put the keys into the ignition and started the car. She then pushed the accelerator and drove off into the forest.