1 Product, 10 Ideas: Idea 3 - Adjective Flower Students write a noun in the center of the flower and use the petals to write adjectives that describe it.

as a writing mini-lesson

great visual model/ example to post. would be ideal to highlight a different author and spotlight specific components for a designated purpose each month :) a specific mentor text activity (Patricia Polacco)

How many equivalent fractions can you find?  Great way to get students excited about fractions!

I like this idea for teaching fractions. Could put out like ten of these and the kids go around the room w a partner and add to each poster. Then discuss as a class afterward.

Using our thinking with our Thinking Maps

Using our thinking with our Thinking Maps--like how they took the posters and added (test) vocabulary to them to explain their purposes.

Grinch Adjectives

Previous pinner said ~ Grinch activities. students can watch the movie and then come up with adjectives to describe the grinch or maybe a Venn Diagram of the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who.