rainbow boats  should be quilt perfect!

I just THOUGHT I was into a rainbow of hair colors! a rainbow party Rainbow boats. hair color I love the color!

This is a marble. If not, maybe a paperweight.

Eddie Seese, 'Rainbow Twister' art glass marble is so clever and carefree in the way the colors swirl through clear glass.


Rainbow Rock candy, I want some! Visit kandylicious for sweets milkshake chocolate candy wafflesausage waffle sundaes movenpick ice cream!

Cactus in Mexico

there are really pretty but do not touch 'em! These purple prickly pear cacti are a nightmare!


Whenever I draw in my sketchbook you can also find lips. I love to draw lips too and when I saw this folder by Lisa Frank at Wal-Mart I HAD to get it.

My name is Theresa. I am a wife and mother of I love to journal, read, watch my kids play sports/instruments, and enjoy life. My page is all the things that I like and make me happy!


Rainbow-Bright: 11 Colorful Summer Accessories to Inspire You ~ LOVE This Umbrella! (It's a colorful rainbow while it's raining & represents the rainbow after the rain).

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