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Soldiers Creed..HOOAH!!

This is a picture of the soldiers creed that I have to recite in the army. this is important to me because I am in the army and It describes the army's way of life.

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Anyone else see the problem with only having 176 psychologists? That's only 1 for every 250 other officers, not to mention enlisted personnel, families, civilian contractors, etc. who may require their services.

Carl Maxie Brashear was the first African American to become a U.S. Navy Master Diver, rising to the position in 1970.  Service/branch	United States Navy Years of service	1948-1979

Carl Maxie Brashear (January 1931 – July was a United States Navy sailor. He was the first African American to become a U. Navy Master Diver, rising to the position in 1970 despite also having an amputated left leg.

Military dogs can suffer from PTSD. Let's help them and human soldiers.

That awkward moment when your retired bomb dog alerts on something on your walk.

Soldier doing her part

She carries a rucksack, cleans her rifle with her battle buddies,wears her combat boots, paints her face for camouflage. She kisses hers goodbye for the year. Don't forget about the women who serve our country and protect our freedom! God bless our

Not a marine myself, but this just embodies the whole idea of Bro's.  When you are screwed, your bro will always be there for you.

Regardless of when you served, what branch you served, you are a veteran, you are family! And veterans will go to hell and back for family!

God bless all those who serve and all the families who patiently await their return home.  But most importantly, God bless those who made the ultimate sacrifice and will never receive a homecoming... RIP Cpl McGeath!

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