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Guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life. Point the 'get out' finger to the silent, negative put downs that bruise the beautiful self. Who we are is not what we do. Who we are, the self, is a treasure, worthy of attention and respect.

¡Watch out for the joy stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude! - Joyce Meyer | Maria made this with

To all the people who stare when I burst out laughing because of a character, to all the people who say, "Didn't you read that last month?", to all the people who ask how an inanimate object can make me almost cry- because it is a part of me. That is why.

There's nothin' more special than a kind heart, cuz a kind heart can only 'xist in someone who knows how easily it is to hurt someone n doesn't .... it's a conscious choice to be kind n laughter jus' is one of the BEST feelin's in the world!!! :)

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