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Preschool. Everything preschool

letter practice...erase the letters w/ wet paintbrush

Go on a "Treasure Hunt" with the kiddos to find letters around our neighborhood. Make awesome alphabet art with the findings

Sight Word Activities (multisensory)

what to do after kids learn their abc's -- next steps to get kids reading! AWESOME WEBSITE!

Cotton Candy....shaving cream and glue paint for preschool carnival theme

Carnival theme wall art display for preschool.

Child Therapy Toys - Managing Your Anger Mini Poster

Anger Map- a fun tool to get to know a kid's triggers and what helps them calm down!

Calm Down Kit - helps kids get control of their emotions. Thanks Pete!

what respect looks like/sounds like

Cool the kids off with this homemade sprinkler. Take a 2 liter soda bottle, and poke holes in it. Hook your hose up to it, toss over a tree branch and turn on the water!

Water Cycle activities (next year)

Magnet Painting! Maneuvring the Magnet under plate, moving the paper clip around to paint!

Crayon Canvas Alphabet Art