Janet Josephson-Banta

Janet Josephson-Banta

Janet Josephson-Banta
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When life gets you feeling “grounded”, where do you turn? When hopes are dashed and disappointments come, how do you respond? Free to Fly is an analogy of what it takes to get a multi-ton piece of steel off the ground, thrust into the air, and stay there – and how than can correspond to what it takes to get human spirits  off the ground and up where they belong. If you are looking to revive your joy and your spirit, take a flight into Free to Fly and get ready for take-off!

Ray of Sunshine Ministries goal is to provide light in a dark world by pointing people to the only true source of light through our devotionals and books.

Sweet Father's Day gift!

"Walk With Me, Daddy" poem keepsake. This poem I wish I could I have sent to my daddy but as sad as it is he's not here for me to send it to him but I know he hears me and he knows I wish him a happy Father's Day. Rest in paradise daddy I love you

Friends of a nurse

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Why yes, my friends and I will ruin a perfectly good conversation with gross stories from work. Hahaha talk abt poop over a meal lol n not get grossed out


hilarious version of bingo to play with your nursing class before graduating, recalling all of these things that you could have possibly encountered during nursing school! - or all the things you encounter now on the ward