Ladders die ik in eigen beheer gemaakt heb... aangevuld met waanzinnige trappen, ladders en meer!
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a living room with a ladder hanging from the ceiling next to a brown leather chair
Grenenhouten ladder, maatwerk
a spiral staircase in the middle of an office building with desks and chairs around it
Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018
Holistic Office, UK, by Studio Ben Allen.
a staircase made out of wood with lights hanging from the ceiling and logs stacked on the floor
Ravenhill Studio
a woman climbing up the side of a wooden slatted wall next to a bed
10x stoere kinderkamers
Voor je dagelijkse dosis inspiratie hebben we vandaag 10 stoere kinderkamers ...
a small wooden stool sitting on top of a white floor
Mooie opstaptrapjes!
Binnenkant : Mooie opstaptrapjes!
there is a spiral staircase in the center of this room with wooden floors and walls
необычные лестницы: 22 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках
the stairs are made out of wood and have black slats on each one side
bates masi architects plants sprawling peirsons way property in the hamptons
there are two wooden ladders in the room next to each other on the floor
I've been doing some layout changes at #torbstead lately, most notably adding a loft bed. More to come on that later. But today I built this folding ladder! It's my take on something I found months ago here on Instagram. Very happy with how this turned out! #woodworking #tinyhouse edit: I will soon be covering the OSB floor with something nicer looking haha
a dining room table with chairs and a staircase leading up to the second floor in an apartment
remash - saint-christophe ~ la shed
saint-christophe ~ la shed
a ladder leaning against the wall next to a lamp
Ladders voor studio's in Brussel
Trapladder voor studio in Brussel
a ladder leaning up against the wall in a room with white walls and cupboards
Mooi blank Eiken ontwerp voor entresol
Eiken trap voor vide boven slaapkamer.
a set of black shelves with books and vases on them in an empty room
Home - ZedWorks Design
Escada ou estante ?
a man is walking up the stairs in an apartment with wood and metal railings
Industrial Landscape 01 Staircase Furniture by Studio Mieke Meijer - Homeli
Industrial Landscape 01 Staircase Furniture by Studio Mieke Meijer
the stairs are lit up with pink lights and black railings in this modern building
Stephane Groleau, photographe d'architecture – Architectural photographer
PavillonDesArts - CegeptSte-Foy-StephaneGroleau-196, Futuristic Interior Design, Stairs
an empty room with yellow and black accents
artsy hall