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Addiction.Many people like me become addited with no abuse of drugs.A lot of people get injured or have severe chronic pain.One day they experience withdrawls and realize there is something really wrong.They worry they are addicted.That happened to me.I called my Dr to find out what had happpened to me.I was told anyone who took oxycontin for more than 3 months would experience severe withdrawls.No one warned me about this.Not any Dr or any pharmacist.Thankfully I have 3 years clean and…

This pin said, "i always went too deep to the extent im thinking abt it even when i tried to sleep" so I don't know to which addiction it refers, but I can sure relate to this regarding my compulsive spending!

Nailed it...I have now found my lost self...unfortunately I lost the most important person on my selfish journey.

Took awhile and many lessons along the way. [ "Took awhile and many lessons along the way. [ \"Took awhile and many lessons along the way. [ \\\"Ed recovery

Addiction Revival: Top 5 Addiction Recovery Quotes

Addiction Recovery Quotes Addiction recovery is one of the hardest challenges a person may face in their life, if not the hardest.