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Ad Creative FTW

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Run now

Throwback Thursday: Pizza Hut & Ninja Turtles | The Duncan Daily

DnB NOR, Norwegian Bank: Finally married

ForexClub: The hat


Nike Nike Nike

“Atari. Since 1972.” / Advertising Agency: The Republic, New Zealand / Art Director: Greg Wylie

From your pal David.

Salma Hayek in a new bilingual "Got Milk?" campaign

This video is perfect.

What seems like a great idea today, sticks with you for 50 years.

You make the caption.



  • Josh Berthume
    Josh Berthume

    I am infinitely disappointed that gifs don't animate on Pinterest.

35 Denton

tv ads?

Simple yet brilliant installation for Rimmel super-dry nail polish outside UK cosmetics store.

never hide.

im a sucker for 'badvertising' copyranter.blogsp...


  • Jayme Lundeen
    Jayme Lundeen

    lol the Finnish

I like that there's an ad campaign for a domain extension

Can someone explain this ad to me?

  • Betsy

    It's from the perspective of a man whose wife bitches at him for splashing on the toilet seat?

  • Josh Berthume
    Josh Berthume

    Still dunno how that sells Diet Coke.

  • theneener

    Your poop is smaller with Diet Coke?

  • Jayme Lundeen
    Jayme Lundeen

    Perhaps: Your ass is smaller with Diet Coke? Hence the need for a larger seating area so that you don't fall in.

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