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Odysseus Rap

Flocabulary: The Odyssey by Nate Schoman. (song)Reader Magazine and educational music producers Flocabulary, Nate Schoman is proud to present the animated music video "The Odyssey," a song and picture show that tells the story of Homer's famous work.

Heat Transfer

Here is a song I created to help my grade students study. Heat is transferred three ways, Oh, oh From one place to another in waves, Oh.

Plate Tectonics Rap

Lee - Layers of the Earth rap My students would love this--Bonus it's to the song that matches our school colors.


Silent e is a Ninja from The Electric Company. Not so sure my Kinder friends would get it.but I LOVE for teaching silent e!

50 States

Wakko's 50 State Capitals with Lyrics/Subtitles. Used this when I student taught grade, they loved it! Plus its how I learned my states and capitals!