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This is the best article I've read on budget travel. She covers all the best tips on saving money -- "How I Afford Travel -- Badass trips on a not-so-badass budget.

Venice, Italy

Beautiful Venice, Italy where the roads are made of water. It's the only place I've been which felt like a painting at every angle.

Marina della Corricella / Giuseppe Maria Galasso

Marina della Corricella / Giuseppe Maria Galasso Procida, Italy ( small fishing village on Procida Island) ferry out of Naples

Ostuni, Puglia, Italy | Paul Williams

The white city of Ostuni, Puglia, South Italy. Poofy chair cocktail bar near la Sommita!

Flamant Flower Shop, Paris

Flamant Flower Shop, Paris Love the way the flowers are displayed in baskets.I would want my shop to look just like this!

St. Regis, Bora Bora. On my Bucket list:)

15 Best Shots of Bora Bora

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