Are you thinking about flexible seating for your classroom? Alternative seating can improve student focus, increase student participation, and motivate your learners. Here are some great seating choices, organization tips, and classroom management ideas for switching to alternative seating.

Flexible Classroom Seating

Are your students forgetting your routines or asking a zillion questions? Mine were! Until I tried this... Question Board! Classroom management for too many questions (Free- consider it a gift from my sanity to yours ;) )

The Question Board Classroom Management FREEBIE!

SO powerful. A must read for any teacher.

Share This With All the Schools, Please

Great blog post with different ideas for classroom management Also check out 50+ free #math resources:

10 Time Saving Tips for Teachers

Some good reminders here for engaging students.

Pay attention, please...

Getting Control of Your Classroom Dismissal Time - Some great tips and tricks to remember as you start a new school year.

Getting Control of Classroom Dismissal Time | Heidi Songs

Advice for a Kindergarten Teacher ~ Lots of great advice for classroom management, classroom setup and more!

Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Pencil Challenge! I wrote each students magic number on the pencils. The last person who doesn't lose their pencil will win!

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80 Sponge Activities • What I Have Learned A teacher's guide to making every moment count! Activities that take 5-15 minutes, create community, promote collaboration, and infuse academics and fun.

80 Sponge Activities

Communicate Learning with Silent Signals... This is my most favorite thing I've started doing with my students this year.

SWBAT: Communicating Learning Goals

Why Crossing the Midline Activities Helped this Child Listen to his Teacher |

Why Crossing the Midline Activities Helped this Child Listen to his Teacher - Integrated Learning Strategies

Smart Classroom Management: 3 Big Mistakes Teachers Make When Enforcing Consequences

3 Big Mistakes Teachers Make When Enforcing Consequences

We all have them, those students that want any kind of attention they can get. This blog post is a list of ten ways to give them positive attention without increasing your workload.

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How to Boost Your Students Behavior in the Classroom! Tools, Tips, Strategies, and a Free Resource Included!

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Classroom management tip: Students who blurt during whole group lesson. Great tip to help with those students who are impulsive during your lessons.

Students Who Blurt

Do you have students that continually tattle? This product will get them thinking about the difference between tattling and reporting. Students will sort scenarios on a pocket chart activity or cut and paste worksheets. They can write their own examples of tattling and reporting.

Tattling vs. Reporting

A teacher who just gets it! She had a child with ASD in her class and realized that a strategy for that child benefited ALL the children. Now every parent requests her based on her research.

Where it Happens Wednesday!

cute idea to store reward prizes

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Reward Coupons-Best classroom management system ever! Try this positive reward system this year. Your student's behavior will change immediately!

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

Great reminders and a few new ideas! (Free.)

15 creative & respectful ways to quiet a class

Great classroom management tips with a freebie with ideas for no cost and no candy rewards

Real teachers, real tips: featuring Tessa Maguire -

OMGosh! Excellent video on keeping voices down in the classroom. This guy is stinkin hilarious!---classroom managment

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Crisscross Applesauce In First Grade: Alternative Seating ~ In Need of Your Thoughts!!

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Someone asked me how I roll out alternative seating at the beginning of the school year. Great question! Let me share my top tips on introducing and implementing alternative seating starting the first day of school.

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