My Journey Back: Workday Wednesday - Needlewomen

Me - My Dad - Dorothy Eleanor May Warry - Alfred William Warry - Emily Worthington - Sarah Swain In the Victorian era, I've discover.

My Journey Back: 52 Ancestors - John William Landers - Greenbacker

Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small issued the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge. Each week focus on one ancestor and post something.

My Journey Back: The CUMBERLAND Journey

Me - Maurice Cumberland Paterson - Johnston Cumberland Paterson - Francis Paterson - Catherine Muirhead - George Muirhead - Christian Re.

My Journey Back: My Ethnicity

My ancestry is neatly divided into three clusters and one melting pot. The three tidy groups are: SCOTTISH - my paternal grandfather.

My Journey Back: Irish in the Family

Patrick's Day Robert's family tree definitely has more Irish than mine. All of Robert's grandparents seem to have .

My Journey Back: Sunday's Obituary - J. R. Landers

John W Vaeale death notice from Morning Sun Herald News 10 Jan 1924

My Journey Back: Lest We Forget – Fred of the 58th Battalion CEF

Fred is a mystery to me, but he wasn’t a mystery to my grandmother, Dorothy Warry. My aunt and I discovered this postcard hidden behind one.

My Journey Back: Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s day is the perfect time to write a new post to highlight a few of the mother’s in Robert's and my families. These busy Moms are .

My Journey Back: Friday Faces from the Past - John E Kaira

Another one of my mysterious photos with Finnish on the back. Kaira John, but I'm not sure how he fits into my tr.

My Journey Back: Sunday's Obituary - Lydia Elzina Knox (Brown)

Lydia Elzina Brown Dies At Keithsburg Special To The Hawk-Eye.

My Journey Back: Friday's Faces from the Past - Fred

This an appropriate photo for Remembrance Day week. Like the other photos I posted from my Finnish side, I'm not sure who Fred is.

My Journey Back: The Belknap Brothers - Not Forgotten

Me - My Mom -Ruby Alberta Belknap - Donald Francis Belknap - his brother, Martin Henry Belknap - his sons, Gordon Bernard Belknap and Ro.

My Journey Back: Wedding Wednesday - Miss Frances Hanson, R.T. Belk...

My Journey Back: Wedding Wednesday - Miss Frances Hanson, R.