bear hug

Photo of a Mother Polar Bear Hugging Her Baby in Zoo Enclosure is Anything But Cute

Bushmen Tribe Girl and Cheetah by Gregory Colbert from ‘ashes & snow’

This is so beautiful! Bushmen Tribe Girl and Cheetah by Gregory Colbert from ‘ashes & snow’ NEGRITOS Negro black beauty beautiful afro

Natural history art prints by Kelsey Oseid #whales #sealife #nursery #ocean…

Artist Spotlight: Natural History Illustrations by Kelsey Oseid

"Creatures of the infraorder Cetacea," Art print of an illustration by Kelsey Oseid. This poster chronicles 30 amazing whales, dolphins, and porpoises from the taxonomic infraorder Cetacea. Printed in Minneapolis on acid free 80


Sweet Little Owl, one of my other favorite animals. Even though I hate birds lol, they are majestic.


Elephants in love:) This is the sweetest picture ever. Love the prints in the background as well.


My Foxin’ Crazy Obsession

Foxy -- Reminds me of Brother David--he loved the wild animals and God's purpose they served.

Funny siberian husky playing in leaves

Kent Peterson just finished raking leaves in his backyard when Butch, his Siberian Husky, decided to have a little fun. Butch buries himself in the leaves then proceeds to jump and prance around in the massive pile.

Simple lace braid on a horse's mane. A lace braid is like a french braid except hair is only added to the braid on one side.

Today's Photo

Beware of dog (lion). Cseh , this is what that "dog" you're holding in that picture probably grew up to be.