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    Backyard Adventure with REI

    Join me as I explore the backcountry of the US. Over the next month I’ll be sharing my favorite backpacking spots as well as a few on my wanderlust list. *in partnership with REI*

    Backyard Adventure with REI

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    Giant Cactus! - Sagurao Cactus grow between 40-60ft! / blog.jchongstudio...

    • Sandi Radonich
      Sandi Radonich

      My Godzilla in 20 years!

    • Amy Quimby
      Amy Quimby

      Sonoran Desert Giant Saguaro Cactus

    Superstition Mountains w/REI / blog.jchongstudio...

    Watch out for these spikeys Superstition Mountains / blog.jchongstudio...

    In the mountains / blog.jchongstudio...

    Lole Refresh Pants - Women's / REI | these look incredibly comfy! #sponsored

    • Hayli Slater
      Hayli Slater

      Pinning sweatpants you want means all time low for lazy moms

    • Bria Hunter
      Bria Hunter

      Comfort is not something to be ashamed of. Maybe if this were the 50's mom's would scrub floors and change diapers in pearls and peplum skirts and pumps. And "lazy Mom" is pretty much an oxymoron.

    • Shawna Modrich
      Shawna Modrich

      Love me a comfy pair of sweats! I don't care what anyone thinks of it. I don't do it in public, but if I'm at home you can bet I'm in sweats. :)

    • Hayli Slater
      Hayli Slater

      Oh girl if I'm home you can bet I'm not wearing pants or a bra. I just thought pinning sweats was pretty funny. It's like pinning toothpaste, it's not cute or fun.

    • Beth Sarah
      Beth Sarah

      They are cute!!! But not for $85.00!!! :)

    Cholla Cacti in the Superstition Mountains / blog.jchongstudio...

    • Cheri Boyle
      Cheri Boyle

      Or, in my backyard!

    • Kelly Kooba
      Kelly Kooba

      A cholla once jumped onto my daughter's thigh-we still have the piece as a souvenir!

    The start of a campfire meal / blog.jchongstudio...

    No End / via 365q

    • Harem Pants
      Harem Pants


    Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts / REI #sponsored

    Saguara Cactus in the Superstition Mountains - 30ft cati! / blog.jchongstudio...

    • Rebecca Hempe
      Rebecca Hempe

      Just moved from AZ last year. The desert has so many beautiful wonders.

    • Mary Evans
      Mary Evans

      I want to be there !!

    • Roxann Lynn
      Roxann Lynn

      Saguaro Cactus. :)

    • Blue Unicorn
      Blue Unicorn

      nice photo

    • Debbie Pittard
      Debbie Pittard

      It is over 150 years old!!

    Klean Kanteen Polished Stainless-Steel Reflect Water Bottle with Bambo / REI #sponsored

    A wonderful backpacking trip with REI / read about it here blog.jchongstudio...

    Adventure is calling! / via Jennifer Chong

    • Travel Nerd Nici
      Travel Nerd Nici

      One of my favorite travel pins :)

    Rucksack No. 21 Daypack - Medium / Fjallraven at REI | cute backpack #sponsored

    • Karen Yu
      Karen Yu


    • illyanna Maisonet | EatGordaEat
      illyanna Maisonet | EatGordaEat

      I was wondering what this dude was wearing while I was in Portland. This was it.

    Lole Marina Dress / REI #sponsored

    Setting up camp! / blog.jchongstudio...

    • Xose Ximenez
      Xose Ximenez


    • Airstream2Go

      It looks like you had quite the time in the Superstition Mountains!

    Superstition Mountains / via Almost Light Fine Art Print

    • Katrina Reeves
      Katrina Reeves

      Looove Tucson.

    lucy Hatha Capri Leggings / REI #sponsored

    Superstition Mountains w/REI / blog.jchongstudio...

    • Xose Ximenez
      Xose Ximenez

      Gotta love nature. I want to ;) Thanks for always sharing.

    Superstition Mountains w/REI / blog.jchongstudio...

    Backyard Adventure Destination 06. Superstition Mountains / blog.jchongstudio...

    Lole Salutation Leggings / REI #sponsored

    Adventure / via Hiking Dreams

    Go Outdoors. Live. / Zachary Smith

    • Aaron Cooper
      Aaron Cooper

      Love the logotype— not the live mark.