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Mini Screens and Clothing Labels (A Tutorial)

Leafcutter Designs - Changing Clothes

Have you ever thought about how a product can show a commitment to quality? Most likely, an elegantly printed hang tag plays an important role in here to make product line look more professional. Apart from pointing out some critical information like product specifics, some care instructions, prices or whatever else, they add to the physical appeal of the product instilling the confidence on the brand and lending a perceived value to the selling items. Custom hang tags in the following…

Creative Hang Tags with Exclusively Crafted Styles

Dribbble - hang_tags_largeview.jpg by Sebastiano Guerriero

Labels and business card design for the fashion designer Mertxe Hernández. She works in a little Studio - Shop in Barcelona, all you can buy in the store are handmade unique pieces. To capture this essence I used the traditional sewing vintage icons (scissors, thread, machine sew…) as the clothes she sells each label is also unique because they are designed to be handwritten. by Carla Cascales

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FPO: Neuarmy Surplus Limited Edition T-shirt