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Forget Everything…& Remember This.

Forget Everything…and Remember This.


Homemade body butter - 3 ingredients --- 1 cup organic coconut oil 1 cup organic cocoa butter essential oil of you choice. Melt, mix, chill, whip.

How to make luxurious body butter with just three ingredients


Dr Oz's Homemade Cough Syrup Recipe - an all-natural way to banish itchy, scratchy throats

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My Favorite 2-Ingredient Lotion « Detoxinista

My Favorite 2-Ingredient Lotion « Detoxinista


Making a flat bow. Pinning because I never remember how when I'm doing it.

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These coconut oil lotion bars are amazing and easy to make.

DIY Coconut Oil Lotion Bars | All Natural Home and Beauty


Homemade Shower Soothers - pop them in the bottom of your hot shower, and let the vapors rise up and unclog your stuffiness! SO great for colds & allergies! MUST REPIN!

Homemade Shower Soothers - Mrs Happy Homemaker


Football nail art

DIY Super Bowl Nail Art: 10 Fun Game Day Nail Ideas To Consider


DIY Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub


Did you know that a teaspoon of honey (local - raw is best) and a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon will usually knock out a cold within a day or two? Take twice a day for 3 days for best results. Both honey and cinnamon are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Also knocks bladder/kidney infections, reduces sugar levels, blood pressure, acts as a pain reliever for arthritis. And much more! I need this!

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Once a week for 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom salts, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda. This combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones, and balances your pH levels. :)

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Could magnesium be the answer

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so very true...

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Blessed JP II

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Cute birthday photo idea

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Best Keurig cleaning tutorial I've seen!

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lots of ideas to make ahead of time to keep kids busy on a long car ride/ flight. THIS LIST IS EPIC.

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summer nails ♥

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Summer Bucket List - A pinner said, "We did this a couple summers ago except put them on folded slips of paper and into a jar. Once a week we'd pull a slip. We had a really great summer that year." - Love this idea!!

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How to roll plastic bags so they come out like wipes.

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photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a table.

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40 Places to Take your Kids Before They're Grown - most are in the US--it tells you at what age to take them. There are some really great places!

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IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE GIRL: On my 16th bday, my dad gave me a half heart necklace and kept half of it. My half was attached to my bouquet on my wedding day. At the reception, he surprised us by giving his half to Chris. He literally passed down the responsibility of holding on to my heart. (Tucking this away In case I ever have a girl. I love this idea...)

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