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I am his child

I am gods child. THING IS: God doesn't have to make bets with satan to know something

I will love God forever and always. No matter what a picture says.

I will love God forever and always. I feel if I did not rep in this I would not be showing my faith to the world ( or at least whoever sees this post ) Never give up on God - in the end he has the best plans for you!

The memory book

The memory book! Makes me want to cry seeing that they have to write stuff about everyone who is dead. Prim Finnick cinna rue Boggs:( Super excited 4 the movie!


i hated this bit. I hated Gale from that moment on. i can't believe i was actually team Gale all the way through The Hunger Games and the end of Catching Fire. Although i was team both in Catching Fire! :-( I Peeta coz Gale killed Prim, kind of