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Scotland Travel Cheat Sheet - As well as some slightly odd advice (shaking hands?), this has a bit of dubious map - Shetland is labelled but entirely missing.

If you're gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk.

You Can Preach A Better Sermon With Your Life Than With Your Lips. Actions speak LOUDER than words (it's just 'talk' unless you actually DO something).

"I'm the Reason We're Late" Onesie – Forever Wild.....can we get one for mom, too?

"I'm the Reason We're Late" Onesie – Forever Wild Totally need.


Funny pictures about Hover Orcas. Oh, and cool pics about Hover Orcas. Also, Hover Orcas.

So true! But I mostly love routine...until Im bored... words-inspirations

SO true. I Love routine. Until I'm bored, then I love excitement. Until I'm overwhelmed, then I love routine.So ME

I'm Not Sure What My Spirit Animal Is, But I'm Confident It Has Rabies. ha ha, some days a very bad case of rabies ;