PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT: Prequel to the Heirs of Camelot series

Collection by Jacqueline Simonds


This prequel to the Heirs of Camelot series follows the life of Anya, a priestess of the Rus as she leaves her home country and arrives in Britain. When she runs afoul of Morgaine in Avalon, Anya is sent to Camelot to spy on the court while acting as the healer, but she falls in love with both Merlin and King Arthur. After she leaves the Court to become Merlin’s woman. In the end, she loses both great men, but gains sons by them and a daughter by the Goddess.

Jacqueline Simonds
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“Our good King Arthur goes in and finds Orwein sitting at a table in front o’ big chess board. All the pieces were gold, silver and ivory. Orwein tells the King, ‘Instead o’ battle, we’ll play to decide who’ll hold Wales.’ “Well, our King is a peace-loving man at heart, so he sits down and agrees to play. “The pieces were magical, so all they had to do was think about which o’ ‘em should move, and it did." ANYA: HEALER OF CAMELOT

King Arthur by Peter of Langtoft - British Library Prints King Arthur Legend, Legend Of King, Medieval World, Medieval Art, Medieval Books, Medieval Manuscript, Illuminated Manuscript, Rei Arthur, Rose Croix

King Arthur

King Arthur by Peter of Langtoft from the British Library's fine art print archive.

"Merlin, Invocation of the Druid" by Matt Hughes. From the stories of Avalon, Camelot and King Arthur. King Arthur Legend, Legend Of King, Merlin, Die Nebel Von Avalon, Fantasy World, Fantasy Art, Wicca, Mago Tattoo, Mists Of Avalon

Fantasy and Sci-fi at their best.

Background is oil paint. There are numerous myths and legends regarding Merlin's existence throughout British history. The most famous of which is his involvement with King Arthur and Camelot.

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I reach out to the stars and draw in my power. I weave a spell like a fog, and send it in to Avalon. The Sisterhood will all likely be asleep anyway, but my enchantment guarantees they will sleep deeply, and no whisper of the Sight will awaken them from their dreamless slumber. ANYA: MERLIN'S WOMAN

Evening Falls by Angie Latham - Owl Yi King, Owl Always Love You, Beautiful Owl, Wise Owl, Owl Art, Belle Photo, Moonlight, Fantasy Art, Fairy Tales

Darkness seeps up from the ground. In the last orange light, a great snowy owl lands on the balustrade near me. “Hoo-hoot,” she says. Hoot yourself, I think, miserably. She looks deeply into my eyes, blinking golden eyes slowly. And it as if I am tipped off the rim of the world into a dream. ANYA: HEALER OF CAMELOT Evening Falls - Mystery & Moonlight

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The chair in the image above, is of Ancient Roman design. It is the chair that was used by Lady Margaine. Roman Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Renaissance Furniture, Roman Architecture, Roman History, Old Chairs, Ancient Rome, Modern Materials, Folding Chair

Lady Morgaine looks regal in her Roman chair. The armrests have brass lion heads that glint in the firelight. Mabena told me that chair belonged to her father, Duke Gorlois. He used it like a king does a throne when he meted out justice in far-away Tintagel Castle. ANYA: HEALER OF CAMELOT

As a Priestess of the Highest Order, Magdalene knows all of the sacred rituals and all of the Mysteries. She carries the Lunar Key to the Mystery Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Wiccan, Magick, Celtic Goddess, Star Goddess, Divine Goddess, Images And Words, Sacred Feminine

"There is no peace on this earth because woman is not respected. If man is born of a woman, he must respect her. If a tree is separated from its roots, how can it live? When you do not respect a woman, you lose the root of your intelligence, of your spirit because woman is the spirit." - Yogi Bhajan

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Celtic Trinity Spiral Tattoo | - The Image Kid Has It!

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Arthur Rackham illustration -" How at the Castle of Corbin a Maiden Bare in the Sangreal and Foretold the Achievements of Galahad", from The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, by Alfred W. Arthur Rackham, Roi Arthur, King Arthur, Illustrations, Illustration Art, La Quete, Art Magique, Medieval, Spiritus

I send all my power across the land and through Merlin. He unsheathes the Chalice and sends it up into the air. I weave a glowing veiled golden lady clad in flowing robes, bearing the sacred vessel before her. The Lady and the Chalice sail above the assembled Knights, Court-hangers-on, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and the priests in the great hall. The golden woman says nothing, does nothing, except hold the Chalice up for a long pause. ANYA: MERLIN'S WOMAN

La Dame à la licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn), also called the Tapestry Cycle, is a series of six tapestries from the late often considered one of the greatest works of art of the Middle Ages. They are estimated to have been woven in the late century. Dead Can Dance, Medieval Tapestry, Medieval Art, Bayeux Tapestry, Medieval Manuscript, Dark Ages, Medieval Home Decor, Renaissance, Unicorn Cross Stitch Pattern

Eventually, we climb the staircase that leads to the royal quarters. We go to Queen Guenevere's room filled with rich tapestries that depict gardens, animals and tales of love. Many pillows and chairs clutter the room. There are several women there, and they all stare at me as if a large hairy bug has entered. ANYA: HEALER OF CAMELOT

Celtic: A Pictish warrior woman. History states that Celtic warrior women were every bit as fearsome as the men.that makes sense if you know my family lol Women In History, Ancient History, Pictish Warrior, Potnia Theron, Medieval, Celtic Warriors, Female Warriors, Celtic Culture, Uk Culture

A little old woman whose face is dyed with symbols in blue woad meets us at the shore. She has cloths for us, and our clothes. Teeth chattering, Merlin bows to her before accepting the cloth to wipe down with. “This woman is a Pict—a fierce wild people who were the first to live in these lands. By her dyed face, she is a priestess. Her it was I saw last night.” I note the old woman has a lifeglow of a priestess—a deep violet. ANYA: MERLIN'S WOMAN