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Pet lovers should know…

yup!! I have always had a buttdoesnt mean I am too fat. For goodness sake - be the best version OF YOU as you are able and encourage the same from other women. Leave the bashing alone, it hardly makes you more attractive.

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Trust doesn't come with a refill

Trust doesn’t come with a refill

Are you looking for a way to save money? I've got a technique that is guaranteed to work. I've used it in my own life so I can vouch for it's effectiveness :) It's simple really. Just stop spending it! While we need to spend money on life's...

The Best Way to Save Money and a Challenge

please don't break my heart quotes | Romantic Quotes Sayings

honesty and loyalty

Indeed. Love this quote.

Community Post: 24 Famous Movie Quotes Updated For The Digital Age

Tips for Saving Money from a Frugal Mom with a Small Purse

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sky blue by nail_candy - Nail Art Gallery by Nails Magazine #nailart

sky blue by nail_candy from Nail Art Gallery

Nail Art How-To: Geometric Neon Mani - Consider this your new geometry class.

Nail Art How-To: Geometric Neon Mani

Day 201: Tie Dye French Nail Art

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neon by HezsaiSzilvia - Nail Art Gallery by Nails Magazine #nailart

neon by HezsaiSzilvia from Nail Art Gallery

25 Cool Colorful Nail Art Ideas

25 Cool Colorful Nail Art Ideas - Style Motivation

Nail Art Tutorial | DIY Neon Rainbow Stripe Nails | Short Summer Nail De...

Nail Art Tutorial | DIY Neon Rainbow Stripe Nails | Short Summer Nail Design

Heartache Quotes Grief , Loss , & Depression

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Rather Be Someone's Shot Of Whiskey van wordsdesignlove op Etsy

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842 - like I've always said... U are my happily ever after. Good night sweetheart almost home. Sleep well love. Hopefully we will have time tomorrow. With ALL my heart and soul - I wish you were holding me tonight as I fall asleep. I still need you forever. 852 - goodnight my love. I thought family wasn't coming home till 11? Anyways I love you so much. We have so much to talk about tomorrow. I can't wait. I know you love me but I need you to believe that I'm going to end up with you. You've lost that feeling. 856 - that's tomorrow night he works, not tonight. I haven't lost the feeling, I'm just scared to really believe it but that doesn't change anything love. I wish u could see inside my head and u would understand. I love u so much!

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"Marriage is...sharing life with your best friend, enjoying the journey along the way and arriving at every destination...together." -Fawn Weaver

Marriage Is... - Happy Wives Club

People will try, but they will be the ones who look like psychos doing it. You will only be made stronger in your relationship. I am grateful for people giving my marriage even more strength and happiness

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Good Advice

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