Homemade Laundry Soap!!

only need a tablespoon per load NEVER purchase another laundry detergent brand. This has inspired me to make more homemade cleaning products :) very exciting! Laundry soap recipe - for months' worth of soap.

Love this one.... I have had many versions of the responsibilities/chores chart over the past 19 years but this is my most favorite. Clean, simple, modern, and easy to change out.

I like the idea of magnets they can move themselves when they complete a chore! Only thing I might add is photos of the chore to be done. A Lemon Squeezy Home: Chore Charts {diy} So so so so so totally doing this!

For all those old shirts you still want to use, but not wear. Just cut the sleeves and neck then stitch the bottom closed.

Old T-shirts turned in to reusable grocery bags! Just cut the sleeves and neck then stitch the bottom closed. Easy way to make reusable grocery bags! Now THIS is recycling.

Gone Fishing - DIY fishing game for kids

Gone Fishing - A Fishing Matching Game

Fishing mad easy :)) Oh I remember this game. Yes, how lovely making a fabric set and putting some magnets inside. Gone Fishing - DIY fishing game for kids.

dinosaur feet

Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet - This is a fun and kid-friendly craft to make their own dino feet!

type in your quote, pick a template, make a poster!

Looking to add custom posters to your classroom? Just pick a template, type in a quote, and you're done! Thinking this would work good for our new 4 school wide rules! Create a poster and print at CopyMax.


Love this idea! Cheerio necklace - takes 5 minutes to make and keeps your baby entertained while you do grocery shopping and run errands

FREE printable CALENDAR 2016

2016 Calendar Printable

Creating Laura: No-Sew T-Shirt to Tank Top Project. I pinned this a year ago, but then found out she changed her blog, so I pinned again from her new blog just in case the old link went away.

No-Sew T-shirt to Tank Top Project. All you need are scissors and a too-big t-shirt. this is actually great -- I hate tee shirts (necklines. blech) and tank tops are too clingy. i'll be making this for workouts!

Pallet, foam, table legs, fabric and a staple gun

Easy to make ottoman with a PALLET!, plywood, double layer of foam, wood legs from Home Depot and your favorite fabric! (I have a pallet in my backyard currently.