How to make Wine Slushies ~ Peach Moscato | Divas Can Cook. WOW, just wow!! 3 ingredients and so simple to make!
White Strawberry-Lemon Sangria - Strawberries, lemon, apples, white wine, and rum make a perfect summer sangria that'll knock your socks off. From @kitchentreaty
Who's Who of Wine
Peach Strawberry Sangria - Perfect summer drink!
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Wine 102: Cooking with Wine (everything you need to know!)
The Best 20 Wines Under $20 — That Taste Way More Expensive! Great to know for the holidays
Wine Cork Wreath with Grapes by DarsisDesigns on Etsy
Very helpful for people like me who pretend to know things about wine but actually know nothing except for that it's great :)

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Wine Folly Infographic Guide To Wines
Ultimate guide to wine infographic @Everette Day Minchew
How to choose a bottle of wine...confirmed what I usually always buy...a Pinot noir or a Malbec
Oh geez, I need to remember how to understand the X & Y axes to figure out which red wine is most like Moscato. Or maybe I should just stick to Moscato.
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The Glass Shape For The Wine Variety
Some top tips on how to pair well liked ingredients with certain wines - from red meats and fish to cheese and chocolate
a marriage of wine and cheese - ワインとチーズのマリアージュです。