Teaching Children to Appreciate Community Helpers - Crafty Mama in ME!


A simple activity to go along with the book If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson. Helps teach and reinforces kindness with preschoolers and even toddlers.

If You Plant a Seed Kindness Activity


5 Ways I Give to a Food Pantry Near Me - My son and I have found several fun ways to gather food to donate to our local food pantry.

5 Ways I Give to a Food Pantry Near Me


Kindness Bookmarks: A Random Act of Kindness - Mom Inspired Life


Acts of Kindness for Advent, an alternative advent calendar for kids. Focus on giving this advent with 50 acts of kindness suitable for children. A great way of dealing with the commercialism of Christmas

Acts of Kindness for Advent – An Alternative Advent Calendar


A simple family activity to spread the gratitude!

Thankful Hearts


Gratitude game to promote positive outlook, writing, and math.

Gratitude Game to Promote Writing and Math


30 Days of Gratitude! An easy way to teach kids to be more thankful--free printable makes it so good!

An Easy Way to Teach Kids to be Grateful | Coffee Cups and Crayons


Kindness Wall with Free Printable from Encourage Play

Kindness Wall


Time is a gift, and practicing daily gratitude with the Abundant Mama Project

The Gift of Time - The Pleasantest Thing


Holiday Food Scavenger Hunt for Kids- service act for kids on FSPDT ***a great way to get the kids excited to collect food to donate to the food pantry!

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Tips for Raising Grateful Kids!

Tips for Raising Grateful Kids - Coffee Cups and Crayons


Teach children about empathy and self-awareness with social-emotional concepts through these Empathy Beads and the book, "Quick as a Cricket"

Quick As A Cricket Activity Teach Empathy


Random Acts of Kindness Coin Jar - As I was planning for our summer, I came up with a mental list of boredom buster activities. When I was done, it hit me that most of our activities were all about our kids: the zoo, the park, the museum, play dates, VBS, family nights… Of course there is nothing wrong with making lists …

Random Acts of Kindness Coin Jar - Inspired by Familia


Make a Difference Bucket List - Be the change you want to see in the world...

Make A Difference Bucket List - Inspired by Familia


Honesty is such an important trait. So how do we teach it to our kids? Let's talk about teaching kids the importance of honesty.

Teaching Kids the Importance of Honesty - Daddy Crusader


Gratitude Family Game and Activity

Gratitude Family Game & Activity


A Fun Way to Teach Table Manners to Kids and Free Printable

A Fun Way to Teach Table Manners to Kids & Free Printable


I Spy Random Acts of Kindness Jar! This was a fun activity that got my kids excited about being kind to each other and even those outside of our family. You can totally do this any time of the year.

I Spy Random Acts of Kindness Jar


110 acts of kindness for summer free printable. A fab free printable for summer with 110 random acts of kindness for kids to do. Make this summer kind for everyone and get the whole family involved in doing these simple acts of kindness for children.

110 Summer acts of kindness for kids - Mum In The Madhouse


How to teach kids' empathy? Make an empathy bracelet with empathy beads to show respect and awareness of other's feelings. This busy bag activity is based on the book, Quick as a Cricket.

Quick As A Cricket Activity Teach Empathy


15 Minutes of Fame | MommyCrusader.com

Fifteen Minutes of Fame - Mommy Crusader and Her Knights and Ladies


Teaching Kids about Generosity | Alldonemonkey.com

Teaching Kids About Generosity - All Done Monkey


20+ Acts of Kindness for Kids | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Acts of Kindness for Kids


Teaching gratitude to kids - activities and ideas to foster "an attitude of gratitude" in young children this Thanksgiving || Gift of Curiosity

Teaching gratitude to kids - Gift of Curiosity