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How pitbulls really fight.

must love dogs!

'wrinkles' bulldog pup

jus' got 'dopted!!!!!

You can lead a horse to water with a pit bull. ♥ SEE! Even a horse (a prey animal) knows that pit bulls can be trusted. This photo adequately speaks to both my loves! :)

The Mandarinfish or Mandarin dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus), is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade.

Here is a little darling posing for the camera!

Look at this face! How can you NOT smile?! god bless him looks like a good travel dog

Petey the beloved Pit Bull from the Little Rascals



they're not bad dogs.

The Lazy Pit Bull: Pit Bull Myths: "It's How They're Raised."

Baboon baby: Just sittin' here with my rock..

french bulldog puppies!!!

A newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo in Australia gets a checkup at the hospital and shows suprise at the coldness of the stethoscope. Cutest thing ever? Or cutest thing ever?