Good in theory but most of my ribbon didn't come out smoothly bc it wàs too thick. Then the ribbon that was skinny kept falling back into the bin. I really wanted this to work bc I LOVE ribbon and have a ton of it.

I like this laundry basket storage idea - not only for the laundry room, but also for a closet. Could be a toy storage solution. Good to store items - in the garage or basement - in one of these.


50 Crafts and Projects Using Recycled, Repurposed, & Upcycled Cans {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas

HGTV's tuna can idea. Free, sustainable and smart. The biggest question is how to remove the tuna smell. Will vinegar do it? I might try this with old cat food cans.

27 Creative Uses For Jars And Recycled Bottles ~ this is one you can do with yarn, twine, or cord dispenser; you can do it with any type of jar, container, etc. as long as it has a lid; just drill a holes in the top!