multiple, self-emergent, interacting, enveloping, marked by gradients, animated
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Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year - 'Bat Festival' by João Paulo Krajewski

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1929: Field of children, Germany Chris Wild

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puddle builder

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Research Laboratory University, Groningen

Research Laboratory by UNStudio

Prada Aoyama by Herzog & DeMeuron #modular #field

Herzog et De Meuron

Pattern by Hansje van Halem -

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Barracuda surrounding a diver off the coast of Sipadan, Malaysia (by David Doubilet)

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school sphere


What the Quack? What the duck! A Chinese farmer in the city of Taizhou takes his 5,000 ducks out for a stroll Source:

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Technorama facade, Ned Khan #motion #wind #analog #visualization

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Walter Netsch, Field Theory.

Walter Netsch. Progressive Architecture 54 April 1973: 85

Murmuration of Starlings

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Warehouse Renovation by Archi-Union Architects

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STAN ALLEN // DIAGRAMS OF FIELD CONDITIONS, 1996 // “All grids are fields, but not all fields are grids. One of the potentials of the field is to redefine the relation between figure and ground. If we think of the figure not as a demarcated object read against a stable field, but as an effect emerging from the field itself - as moments of intensity, as peaks or valley within a continuous field - than it might be possible to imagine figure and field as more closely allied. (…)”

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