the pleasures and politics of kissing


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ANA TERESA BARBOZA: FAMILY PETS Graphite and embroidery on cloth. 70 x 49 cm 2011


paul newman & joanne woodward.

Paul Newman - IMDb

Xo #valentine

A Little Something

Kiss of the tiger

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Existential cinema kiss... (Marcello Mastroianni & Anna Karina - The Stranger, Luchino Visconti)

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We Are Family kiss...

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Inez & Vinoodh, Me Kissing Vinoodh (Passionately), 1999 (1999)

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  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    What's fascinating about this strange image is that the artists have photoshopped out the person she is kissing. He's become invisible. You can see the shape of his nose and lips cut out from her face.

  • Rose Witchami
    Rose Witchami

    Very cool effect

  • B Manago
    B Manago

    i love your pins - so interesting

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    Thanks Bianca :)

i-D hot

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  • Heather Lawless
    Heather Lawless


  • Heather MacDonald
    Heather MacDonald

    Please keep this picture up

  • Jen Mc
    Jen Mc

    What exactly is wrong with this picture? Not even sure why they bar code out her nipples.. We all have or have had them. Regardless of gender.

  • Mauro Longone
    Mauro Longone

    Amazing picture! Definitely UP!

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    I think I was reported to Pinterest for this one.

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vintage kiss

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Usher by Timothy White

Gallery | Timothy White
  • Kalynn Amadio | The Boomer Gal
    Kalynn Amadio | The Boomer Gal


  • Rachel Knepper
    Rachel Knepper

    fantastic idea for a pic

Dustin Hoffman kisses his wife, Anne Byrne, in the back of a taxi. New York, 1969.

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Demi & Bruce

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  • Sheila Woofter
    Sheila Woofter

    She looks bored.

  • Christine Gallagher
    Christine Gallagher

    The good old days

  • Robert Bridges Imagery
    Robert Bridges Imagery

    odd. Bruce looks submissive to her to me to night

  • Jaime Martínez-Figueroa
    Jaime Martínez-Figueroa

    I absolutely agree with Robert

  • Vicki Richardson
    Vicki Richardson

    still weird

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Atlaidai Povandenė (1978) • photo: Romualdas Požerskis

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  • Elsa Pelletier
    Elsa Pelletier this!

Gary Cooper and Fay Wray in the lost film Legion of the Condemned (William Wellman, 1928)

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  • Pamela Raschke
    Pamela Raschke

    Pardon me while I swoon!

Frank and Dean :)

The Constant Buzz
  • AndyeAndinha Niakan & Friends
    AndyeAndinha Niakan & Friends

    Yes! This right here. Classic.

  • Debra


Kirsten Dunst for Lula Magazine

Wicked Halo, Kirsten Dunst by Karen Collins in Lula mag (via...

Brando and Dean - photoshop of these two: and No, they never made out as far as I know. Thanks @Vasia Papazoglou

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  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    Vasia Papazoglou who's afraid of a kiss? well, some people. But not me.

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    Vasia Papazoglou (even if it is a photoshop smooch)

  • Vasia Papazoglou
    Vasia Papazoglou

    I know you're not Josh! Your boards prove that! You know what'd be really cool though? To leave it out there without the explanations and see what sort of reactions it would cause! Josh Draper (i think i've ruined the experiment!)

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    Vasia Papazoglou I think I have a good idea of what kind of reactions we'd get (WTF? ewww? kewl! noooo! no way! and really?) haha. but i think what you did was better and show how it was photoshopped and where it came from. Defintitely like that better plus it spreads a little knowledge instead of another fake in a sea of fakes.

  • Vasia Papazoglou
    Vasia Papazoglou

    Josh Draper Thanks Josh. The geek in me feels relieved ... the truth has been restored, :)

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Marlon Brando and cat

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Chick-fil-A makeout fest

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  • Erin Sherrill
    Erin Sherrill

    This is beautiful.

  • Cheryl Zager
    Cheryl Zager

    Wish I could like it 3 times per second and offset your ship jumpers...

  • Vince Dauer
    Vince Dauer


  • Shelby Watkins
    Shelby Watkins

    Dont worry vince they wouldnt like you even if they were straight

  • Michael Duzer
    Michael Duzer

    If I were a girl, I'd be gay.

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James Dean & Julie Harris - East of Eden (Elia Kazan, 1955)

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  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    Vasia Papazoglou Nice! I'll repin them both.

  • Andrea Schoedel
    Andrea Schoedel

    Love East of Eden.....

  • Vasia Papazoglou
    Vasia Papazoglou

    ;) Josh Draper

  • Vince Dauer
    Vince Dauer

    this is appropriate

  • Roland Boulware
    Roland Boulware

    Great picture of Dean and Julie Harris. I always thought they looked good together and that a small romance took place off screen that they never talked about.

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Vintage Empire Strikes Back set photo: Darth Vader enjoying a rare tender moment with Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner

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Saul Leiter

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Alain Delon & Brigitte Bardot

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  • Pamela Raschke
    Pamela Raschke

    A kiss is just a kiss? Oh wow!

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    definitely the sexiest couple ever. ridiculous.

Bridgette Bardot and Alain Delon

Pulp International - Vintage Pulp

Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife through a tetrahedron.

Bell kisssing his wife through a - tetrahedron!
  • Leviticus Tobias
    Leviticus Tobias

    She was Gaga before Gaga.