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400: GEORGE NELSON / HOWARD MILLER Brass desk clock : Lot 400

400: GEORGE NELSON / HOWARD MILLER Brass desk clock : Lot 400

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Norm Architects from Denmark have designed a wall clock with clean lines stripped of all unnecessary details. The minimalistic Marble Wall Clock’s reminiscent design allows you to read the hour and minutes of time in timeless fashion. “With smartphones re

Marble Wall Clock, Black

From up Northfrom From up North

25 modern and beautiful product designs

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Product/industrial design inspiration | #440 | From up North

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The interior of a Patek Phillipe watch

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George Nelson Clocks, ca. 1940s

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Josh Draper

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100 years calendar - WOW! I want this!

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Leff Amsterdam

Clock, semi transparent, plastic, white

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Aspiral Clock by Will Aspinall and Neil Lambeth. Measuring a half day, the #clock itself rotates while the #ball starts on the outside and gradually runs along the #spiral until it reaches the centre and drops down the hole, back to the start - a cycle that takes exactly twelve hours.

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This clock, it must happen…

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This clock, it must happen…

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Mid-century modern alarm clock

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Icelandic Map Clock | Reykjavik Corner Store

Icelandic Map Clock

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No need to adjust your computer screen. pixelated clock by RawDezign.

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Design Milkfrom Design Milk

Withings Activité: The Prettiest Smartwatch We've Seen

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The Withings Activité Might Be the 1st Smartwatch Designers Want to Wear

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Time // clock by Jehs + Laub

Time Clock by Jehs + Laub

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By Mathieu

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by Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur | Store

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Schaumburg Moon Watch

Top 15 Astronomical Watches in the Universe

bellakoola - Cool Design & Lifestyle Shopfrom bellakoola - Cool Design & Lifestyle Shop

Artori Design | Analogous Digital Wall Clock

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Artori Design | Analogous Digital Wall Clock

Artori Design | Analogous Digital Wall Clock

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:: Cadence watches :: 4:20 Hitman :: so funny

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by be

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YLivingfrom YLiving

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Picto Wall Clock & Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock | YLiving

Picto Wall Clock & Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock | YLiving

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time flies

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Design Milkfrom Design Milk

Pie-Shaped Clock Reveals The Hours as They Pass

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Design Milk

Italian industrial designer Sabrina Fossi takes a look at your average wall clock and puts her own creative spin on it in the form of the |

Pie-Shaped Clock Reveals The Hours as They Pass - Design Milk


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ne xt

Dark side of typography

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Myk clock - She Design Studio

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 | Design | Wallpaper* Magazine

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Lunar Calendar 2011 Poster

Dimitre Lima ⚡ / Lunar Calendar 2014 Poster