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Georg's "H-H"

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Dusters 38" Channel Longboard - Blue/White sleek, classic look.

Dusters 38" Channel Longboard - Blue/White

Ralph Crane: Front shot of two men riding in the three wheeled German made Messerschmidt. 1954

1948 Buick Streamliner

automotive | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Google shows off its first complete self-driving car: The company takes the wraps off a finished prototype as it forges ahead with plans to bring driverless cars to market.

Google shows off its first complete self-driving car - CNET

electric scooter

electric scooter on Industrial Design Served
  • Sharon Childers Hope
    Sharon Childers Hope

    How much?

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    it's a concept. not for sale...yet

  • Sharon Childers Hope
    Sharon Childers Hope

    Ok, this will be great for those of us commuting into NYC because we could take it on the train.

SCOOT electric scooter

GRO – Designing products with personality & soul

This $10,000 Car Runs On Air

This $10,000 Car Runs On Air
  • Louisa Leung
    Louisa Leung

    Jennifer Huang

  • Jennifer Huang
    Jennifer Huang

    Louisa Leung u should get it. Ud look so bad ass driving that

  • Louisa Leung
    Louisa Leung

    Jennifer Huang I totally would if it looked a little cooler and went a little faster!

Badass motorcycle chariots - celebration of New South Wales police in Australia in 1936.

johammer J1 is the first e-motorcycle to reach 200km range

johammer J1 is the first e-motorcycle to reach 200km range
  • Jesse Kline
    Jesse Kline

    looks awful.

  • Christopher Barnard
    Christopher Barnard

    This was reviewed on The Gadget Show on UK tv

You’ve never seen a hot tub like this before – the HotTug is a a wood fired hot tub that also doubles as a motorized boat. You and six friends can take a leisurely cruise down the river while lounging in the 100 degree tub, or drop the anchor and float the day away with a few drinks.

  • Heather Lawless
    Heather Lawless


Folding Bike

  • A Healthy Day
    A Healthy Day

    Looks like the perfect bike for an urban lifestyle

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    do you live in a city?

  • Mook Mookshall
    Mook Mookshall


  • KDEVISION .com
    KDEVISION .com

    Benjamin Rodrick

  • A Healthy Day
    A Healthy Day

    Josh Draper No I don't live in an Urban area. However I do have friends who do. Each one of them have lost their bicycles due to theft. A foldable bicycle seems like it would be easier to bring inside one's apartment, office and etc... to keep the it safe.

Vintage Monowheel


  • Cheryl Zager
    Cheryl Zager

    That looks mad uncomfortable but must be a killer stability work out for your abs.

Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud - Dezeen

  • Tim DuBos
    Tim DuBos

    How about a 7 day Cruise in something like this also a submarine Hotel would be cool also.

By integrating the unique properties of monorail and recumbent cycle technologies, Shweeb delivers a personal, efficient, and cost-effective transport solution with applications for urban commuting, recreational and fitness markets.

  • David Silverthorne
    David Silverthorne

    What about the sweat? Looks a little hot in those and I am a sweater. Just feel sorry for the person in there after me!

  • Delfina Hallett
    Delfina Hallett

    not for the claustrophobic, even though it's see through

  • Tania Cenzano
    Tania Cenzano

    I soooo thought of this when I was a kid.

yama-Bato: Rainbow (William Starling Burgess, 1934 - φωτογραφία: Morris Rosenfeld, 1937)

The Dynasphere was a monowheel electric vehicle invented in 1932 by Dr. J. A. Purves from Taunton, Somerset, UK. It had 2.5 horse power and once attained a speed of 25 mph. - retronaut Resources and Information.


lamp lighter - every lamp, every night!

  • Jaime Puente
    Jaime Puente

    Wealth has always been comfortable.

  • Nick Toye
    Nick Toye

    That looks like Port Sunlight


Cars that should have been: Futuristic 60s concept cars

Remarkably Retro, spaceagebohemia: Cars that should have been:...

Janis Joplin and her porsche

1930 KJ Henderson Streamlin

  • Brian Capezzone
    Brian Capezzone

    I want one!!