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Shark Stuff

Shark Stuff

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Mako Shark

whale shark by source


Whale Sharks! You would think those three little fish had some warning...

"I have feelings too"

Caribbean Reef Shark by Todd Bretl

Super trawlers like the Margiris kill more than just fish These pix were taken by researchers on board Dutch super trawlers while conducting peer-reviewed studies. © Greenpeace

White-tipped Reef Sharks come to shallow waters to mate, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

stock photo : Lemon Sharks Photo by Greg Amptman

Tiger Shark Photo by Greg Amptman


shark-bench: to promote shark repellant sales (land sharks?)

TOON Books - Shark King!

Strange Wilderness - Shark Footage

Sharks pre-date trees?!

Beware of shark

whaleshark & friends

fun sharks.

veggie shark.

To the light.

pool shark

Epaulette shark.