Math Composing and Decomposing Numbers

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Math Composing and Decomposing Numbers

Math Composing and Decomposing Numbers

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Animal Plate Math-Counting, Part-Part-Whole, Addition, Fac (Seriously, all I can see is Mickey Mouse ears, but whatever...)

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Decomposing Numbers Foldable Books - Perfect for K.OA.A.3! Students will love these interactive, easy-to-make books!

Decomposing Numbers Foldable Books

(sample page) Winter Wonderland {Composing and Decomposing Numbers} Kindergarten Math Common Core. 5 activity pages included. $

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Maths journals. Decomposing Numbers to 10 With Unifix Cubes....have students draw their own findings rather than fill in a sheet.

Decomposing Numbers to 10 With Unifix Cubes

Number Sense Game - using clothespins, kids discover all the ways to make a number.

Number Sense Game

Decomposing number ideas!

Kinder Kraziness: Decomposing in Kindergarten

FREE decomposing numbers activity. Students cut and paste dice to make a number and record the number sentence!

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Pretzel sticks for tens and marshmallows for ones. Cute edible activity to teach place value.

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Spill, count, color to practice making numbers! FREEBIE!

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Decomposing Numbers

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decomposing numbers

TGIF! - Thank God It's First Grade!


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Kindergarten Kiosk: Make 6 Farm Game

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Emergent & Partitioning of Numbers Bears in a Cave - Worksheets for the classroom.

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FREE printable chart to use in your math classroom. I hope you find it useful in teaching word problems and all math concepts. Enjoy! ...

Part Part Whole Chart For Math

Use paper clips on the card to see different combinations of a number.

Fairy Dust Teaching Kindergarten Blog: Math

Common Core: Fishy Business, Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10. Learning combinations for the numbers from 5 to 10 will be all swimming downstream with this adorable fish unit. • Shake and Spill game • 6 printables • Go Fish game • 6 spinner games for combinations from 5 to 10 • Back and Forth game board that can be used with either of two decks of cards • How Many More to Make cards for numbers from 5 to 10 • Equation cards for numbers from 5 to 10 $

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Decomposing Fact Families With Unifix Cubes - Carol Redmond - TeachersPayTeache...

Decomposing Fact Families With Unifix Cubes

A ton of activities, games, Math Centers and printables to support kid's understanding of decomposing number

Decomposing Number Mega Bundle

Are you working on composing and decomposing numbers 11-20 with your students? If you students are like mine, they are having trouble with this c...

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Writing and composing numbers 1-10. Fun basketball themed pages.

Basketball March Madness Number Recognition Composing 1-10

(sample page) Domino Math Worksheets: Composing and Decomposing Numbers/set of 3. $

Domino Math Worksheets: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

decomposing numbers...looks like fun!

Spunky K Teacher

A ladybug math mat to use when practicing composing and decomposing numbers. Place the target number of 2 color counters in a small cup and spill. (free!!)

Ladybug Shake and Spill Math Mat

Decomposing and Composing numbers booklets!

How can I build this number?? FREE Decomposing Number Booklets