cute way to write love without picking up your pen

Photography - Ideas & Inspiration - Writing Love Continuous In The Sand For A Beach Photo

{Caturday: Domestic vs Jungle Cat} black panther / domestic black cat

{Caturday: Domestic vs Jungle Cat} black panther / domestic black cat They both are cats and they both are beautiful.

tribal butterfly tattoo on skin

Ankle Tattoo # 68 - One of the our favorite butterfly ankle tattoo idea. This tribal butterfly looks awesome on most of the girls ankles.

rainbow stonehenge

Stonehenge in England. A vast, mysterious, and powerful ancient structure. I have always loved Stonehenge - it kind of gives off a radiance of mystery and power that I like to feel in old things.

I need to figure out where this is and move there. NOW.

Island of Molokini - natural star and crescent - between Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii This is not a real picture! I was just at Molokini in Hawaii this past summer on my honeymoon. The half moon island exists but the star does not.

shattered heart - beautiful symbolism

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I love men who read. ;)

Reading is Sexy. That's my boy Jensen! Not only super hot, on my favorite show, and a devoted Christian, he loves to read.

stonehenge sunset

From Stonehenge and Big Ben to London Bridge and Westminster Abbey, here are the 25 things that you must do if you ever visit the UK. *Not super informative, but good guidelines none-the-less.


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A Fire Protection Spell: In a clear spot at least twenty feet in diameter, gather together plenty of wood, matches , and a quantity of water. Taking up one of the sticks of wood, draw a rough circle.