beachy waves I copied this with the naked palette. great for blue eyes sand and sea Beach surfing


It's mid-July but I know some of you are day-dreaming of snowboarding or skiing. What are you planning for the winter season?

❀  Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat ❀ ❀

Learn to surf in Australia. Visit Seven Mile Beach, Byron Bay and Sydney with surf camps of different lengths. Our surf lessons are fully inclusive and fun.

Surfing at Sunset

surfing-the-salt-life: Surfers at Belhaven Bay, near Dunbar, Scotland.Photo Credit: X


when i was little, i love watching my brother bmx like a pro. litterly he was a pro.


Surfing in the curve of a of the things on my bucket list.


I don't Skateboard to impress people, look cool, or be stylish. I do it because its just plain awesome! & that is how skating should be

Summer is in the air and nothing better to remind us of the beach than some surf action.

Kelly Slater, Kirra. Photo: Glaser #surfer #surferphotos #ridesessions

SURFER photographer Todd Glaser on his favorite surfers to travel with and why.