Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets (20 photos)

Joseph Joseph Twist is a clever Whisk. Give it a twist to transform it from a flat whisk into a balloon whisk. It also dismantles for easy cleaning.

Scoop & Release Cookie Dropper // with a simple squeeze, the cookie batter just slides off with the in-built squeegee! Clever baking kitchen gadget thought of you when I saw this :)

Instamop Set - Keeps dirty and clean sides separate. Stackable for easy storage.

This compact mop set makes your house shine from an easy-to-drain system and collapsible bucket for simple storage.

Tidily fill cupcake tins with the perfect amount of batter each and every time with this innovative tool. Easy to use and efficient, this handy gadget ensures equal results and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Cupcake scoop with built-in squeegee // Measures the same amount every time so that cupcakes bake evenly!

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