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Elf on a Shelf Pictures

Here are some pictures of our Elf on a Shelf getting into things at Treasures of the Heart Preschool and Child Care.... :)

Elf on a Shelf Pictures

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Elf on the Shelf, Ginger hits the spa for a little relaxation....

Child care is done.... and so is Cuddles.... I went up stairs to finish packing for vacation and look who I found trying to sneak in my suitcase... Like I wouldn't have seen him... Seriously????? :)

Cuddles our little elf is sitting on top of the world... Literally... :)

Cuddles is hanging from the ceiling in the day care kitchen.... :) Riding a fish....

Boy is Cuddles in trouble... Loren won at checkers and Cuddles was mad. He kicked his hot cocoa over... Loren put him in time out. I think he could have done without the hat... :)

Both of my men warming up after some outside time in the snow.... Ummmmm some nice hot cocoa and a game of checkers. :)

Cuddles is being a handful this week-end.... After getting dried and warm from his snow angel adventure, he decided while I was out of the room to do some shopping.... He got into my purse, grabbed cash, credit cards and my cell phone.... Doing some on line shopping - my favorite place. Amazon. How can I get mad? Just hope he ordered something for me.

Our first snowfall here in Minnesota, and what I do find? Cuddles out making snow angels.... No fake snow for him!

Our first snow fall of the season. I'm walking out to the garage and I saw something red.... Of course I had to go get my camera and investigate. :) Picture will follow...

Close up of Cuddles in the pan. :)

Idea from my granddaughter Jasmine. Cuddles up in a pan. :) Add some soup, bowl and spoon and he is good to go.

Cuddles bought the day care kids some balloons but got tangled up in them. :)

Cuddles was pretty naughty this week-end... so I'm glad to see he redeemed himself.. He was busy last night..... He did up a stack of Christmas cards for me. :) Cuddles in sitting in the entrance waiting for the children this morning.... I know they'll see him right away.

I see Cuddles works on the week-ends.... A counseling session with Elmo.

OKAY I will be the first to admit that I am having more fun with elf on a shelf than the day care kids are... :) I'm going to share what Cuddles does on the week-ends when no kids are around... I woke up this morning..... and this is what my elf does on the week-end....Seriously..... No wonder my ipad always needs to be charged. At least plug it in when your done.... :)

Cuddles must have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears last night because I found him sleeping in someone else bed... I'm just waiting for the bears to show up now. :)

Cuddles got into the candy jar and all I can say is he better not eat it all.... Those Hershey candy bars are MINE!!!!! :)

I heard my ipod playing in the child care and I thought that was really weird because everything was shut down..... I went into the play room and wild one was playing.... That's when I noticed Cuddles riding the giraffe... Boy that elf sure is a wild one.... :)

I was walking past the writing center, and guess who I saw there all ready for tomorrow? Our little elf Cuddles..... Looks like he wrote a quick note to the kids and even drew their picture. They are going to be so thrilled with his art work.... He is soooo talented. :)

Cuddles is playing connect 4 with one of his new Barbie friends.... :)

Cuddles getting ready for some down time. He is exhausted after bungee jumping. :) I had to show the kids a video on youtube this morning to show them what bungee jumping was.... Now that it is quiet time, it is Twilight time.... BTW Cuddles said he is Team Bella. :)

Well our Elf on a Shelf was a big hit today at child care..... :) Took the children a few to find him in the magnet letters... Tomorrow will be easier. He's going bungee jumping from the tree house. :) Our elf's new name? Cuddles....

Our first day with our little elf, and somehow he got stuck in a container of magnetic letters.... So glad he knows how to spell. :)