Joni Mitchell. C

Joni Mitchell, 1968 - Canadian musician, singer songwriter, and painter. I think my favorite music maker.

Joni Mitchell and Neil Young

Neil Young & Joni Mitchell arriving at Heathrow Airport in December, 1969 the couple that split after a time. joni needed to get famous.greatest woman musician and writer of our time.

Joni Mitchell. Enough said.

Joni Mitchell's recent medical crisis sparked a 'We Love You Joni' movement.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Laurel Canyon 1970 "Joni is leaning on the window sill of her cottage in Laurel Canyon. This is the house Graham Nash sings about .

Joni Mitchell

A 65th Birthday Tribute to Joni Mitchell

and one of my musical heroes.the unparalleled Joni Mitchell.

Joni Mitchell by Annie Leibowitz

I'm guessing Photography professors talk about this one. It's a masterpiece.

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