Jeanie St. Kloud

Jeanie St. Kloud

Jeanie St. Kloud
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"Strength and sacrifice" Art by Gustavo Rimada . Sugar skull art

artist Gustavo Rimada-proud Mexican heritage, Cholita, Mexican Folk Art, Pin-Up, Pinstriping and tattoo style design.

Coaspen: "Skull Girl 3"

skull girl 3 by cocoaspen - Jorge Monreal

Marriage tattoo. For that special someone

As our wedding fast approaches, Swoon and I are figuring out what to do about rings. I really love the idea of doing a wedding ring tattoo. I like the idea of doing it in white ink, so you can see it but it wouldn't be black. There are so&

Marriage tattoos. We need these.. Especially since I'm completely obsessed with the "Come What May" scene in Moulin Rouge ☺

25 Couples Who Opted For Romantic Finger Tattoos Instead Of Traditional Wedding Rings