Get rid of that builder grade oak! Use GEL stain. Good to know

Give Your Bathroom Vanity A Facelift

Get rid of that builder grade oak! use GEL stain. I'm DEFINITELY going to be trying this. Our whole house is builder grade oak. Cheaper than new cabinets!

30 gifts bouquet (works for any age) - pin now read later

30 gifts for 30 years.Great for any age! Also, might be neat retirement gift. 30 gifts for 30 years teaching!

gift idea...Cookies stacked in a spaghetti canister!

Teacher Gifts - Thanks for making us into such smart cookies! Cookies stacked in a spaghetti canister for teacher appreciation week. (or would be a cute way to gift cookies for Christmas - in a reusable jar!

How to put together a recipe book. Page templates---good idea for my favorite Pinterest recipes. (I so need to do this)

What is a Family Favorites Recipe Book? It's a place to organize and store your family favorite recipes--the ones you use often. I'm loving how simple it is to go to one book instead of trying to remember if a certain recipe is in my "favorites" file or o

Made from Crystal Light containers with magnets - use to hold dry erase markers on white board!

crystal Light containers + patterned paper cover + magnets + sheet metal mounted to wall = cute DIY pen/pencil/marker storage

3 Jolly Rancher Sticks in a cellophane bag with a tag that reads, "Have a holly jolly Christmas!"---love this!

3 Jolly Rancher Sticks in a cellophane bag with a tag that reads, "Have a holly jolly Christmas! Great idea for the kid's friends at Christmas. Or holly jolly holiday to use for work!

The Sharpener that all the teachers are talking about. A good, quick sharpener can make or break you.

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Meet the Pencil Police and Your New Best Friend. I went through 5 pencil sharpeners last year and I could never figure out who kept breaking them.