Garden pathway

Reuse an old tree to make a log pathway in your garden. Good use of "yard" trees and other wood that can't be milled; works much better in climates without termites. Good drainage under the log rounds will make the path last longer.

Orange and turquoise outdoor setting

Turquoise and Orange Patio Furniture: spray paint wrought iron/metal set. Possible idea for my patio chairs that have NO cushions.not comfy!

love this porch.....

I'm a sucker for gingerbread, especially this lone star looking stuff on the 1890 Gladys Rearick House - Porch Detail


I just keep thinking about the colors in driftwood as my inspiration. Driftwood art work, like this, would be an awesome touch.” Driftwood mounted onto wood. No paint added.

"Concrete Carpet"

Painted Concrete Porch Floor - don't want this pattern for this house, but it shows an idea. That we could paint the concrete steps a pattern.

farmhouse flooring

"farmhouse flooring" - very interesting and beautiful! Where is this farmhouse?

Ornate door, France

intricately carved door in Dhobhi Dhora Mohalla, Bikaner, RAJ, IN ~ photo by Ivan Lian Oh my.that's a lot of work.


Scottsdale Art Factory Custom Window - Design From Antiquity - A beautiful tree relief carving accenting this window arch.

Lovely Details

Brilliant Lighting CREDITS: Ornamental moldings, decorative painting, antique mirrors, inventive design -- the century home of stage and costume designer Thierry Bosquet is featured in the May/June Entra Magazine.

interesting textures...

I loved when this home was in Country Sampler. This is a beautiful living/dining room.

Busan, South Korea

Pretty floral pattern on a temple door in Busan, South Korea (by storyvillegirl)