origami boxes

[Handmade DIY homemade storage box tutorial] -- in Chinese, but the pictures are instructive, and the box model is easy to find in origami tutorials.- Not to mention would be great at holding loose jewelry laying around.

TUTORIAL for swiveling compartment box

Tired of gift bags? Make your your present unique--let the delightful opening be part of the gift! Opening stepper gift box tutorial More More

Unnis Paper Craft - Gift box with drawers ♥ love it

Unnis Paper Craft: Gift box with Drawers, fabulous DIY gift in itself! I think I can make this from 2 large pringle cans.

Make A Fabric Covered Box

How To Make BEAUTIFUL Fabric Covered Boxes From Scratch

Techniques de base pour cartonnage.

Fabric Covered Box Tutorial - good tutorial, very detailed, makes boxes from scratch This may be the one to check out when making boxes again.

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