low rolled bun updo

Lazy Sunday Hair: A Whole New Hairstyle for the Holidays—Just Flip Your Bun Instead of Rolling It

Our low rolled updo is perfect for the office, first dates & hanging out! Find out how to get a beautiful low rolled updo in this easy hair tutorial.

Love it

Make a Fishtail Braid

IT WORKS! If you know how to fishtail braid, this is the easiest and most impressive updo I've ever done! Got compliments on it all night long and it only took me about 10 minutes to do. HIGHLY recommend it!

Bridesmaid hair idea- love the twist & curls

Best ideas for Beautiful Wedding hair half up half down in curls for a bride, posted on March 2014 in Wedding Hairstyle

Hilary Duff with a dreamy half up half down bridal look

Fantastic! 50 most Romantic Hairstyles for the Happiset Moments in Your Life

Hillary Duff half up half down - I like! again this is how my hair will be. loose curls half up and down my back


DIY Shampoo and Conditioner

PinTutorials: 9 Ways To Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

9 Ways to Blow Dry your Hair like a Pro - This woman looks drunk. Also, one side of her hair is curlier than the other side. She needs practice. Or maybe it is because you shouldn't blow dry your hair while under the influence.