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This is a place that I go "When I'm ready to go into MELTDOWN! Please forgive my parenthetical comments! Sometimes, I just can't help myself....... like when someone pins 50 tiny pictures of all white and yellow uninteresting, dull recipes to one of my boards, or when someone pins their entire "Cookie Board" to my "Succulent Pork Board!" At those times, I feel like I'm turning into Maxine! Then, I run here for comfort! If you need a hiding place, I invite you to hang out here for awhile! Jeanni
Maxine Easter

Maxine on Easter Funnies

I Won't Say My Memory's Bad, But It's To The Point That I Can Hide My Own Easter Eggs easter easter quotes easter sayings easter quotes and sayings maxine easter cartoons

Happy day after Valentine's Day! =)

Maxine ▪ Day after Valentine's Day - "Every year in the middle of February, something wonderful and heartwarming happens. Tons of candy goes on clearance!


u deserve more than a pinch!) Irish humor and a bit o'blarney from Maxine for Paddy's Day

I hope this won't be true but it's funny and made me laugh...   Maxine Spring Quote

Maxine: The only thing I'm growing this spring is older and more irritable.

Maxine - easter baskets

I'll be doing my part this Easter to keep kids healthy by swiping as many chocolate peanut butter eggs as possible. (Dog)No child's Easter basket left behind!