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♥Sugestão De Atividade Escolar♥: Atividades Inglês

Brownie Quest journey. Our 1st is Letterboxer, and the 1st key in the Journey is Discover. So, I made up this puzzle (answers are Map, Compass, Friends, and Persistence) which answer what they need for Letterboxing, but also what they need to Discover about themselves to do anything (begin with the end in mind, know what's right, have a support system, and work hard).

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Jeannine Musson- Espenshade

Program: Staying Healthy and Fit!


Home Scientist: How to make your own Rock Candy

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Brownie Senses Badge

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Water Cycle Maze - wow journey

Free Water Cycle Lesson - Fun Lesson Plans

Good intro for Brownies taking on the Letterboxer badge - this family had a letterboxing birthday party

Clickable Party: Letterboxing {Geeky Fun}

Egg Carton Xmas Tree

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Free Printable 7 Things I Love About You... change it to 7 things I love about ME for a self-esteem lesson.

Free printable 7 things I love about you

Hiking Necklace

Hiking Necklace |®

Instead of gingerbread houses decorate sugar cones with frosting and candy to make a Christmas tree. Great for younger kids.

I made this certificate for Brownie Girl Scouts Investiture. Enjoy!

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WOW - Water Cycle Wheel

E is for Explore!: Water Cycle Wheel

Bug Bingo! Fun for Brownies earning their Bugs badge!

Mommy Magic!: Outdoor Adventures: Bugs by Erin Uda

All about me. My family tree printable for brownie my family story badge

family tree | My Channel Island Ancestry

Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles.

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For Camporee

Fall Leaves Garland D.I.Y. - A Beautiful Mess

Heart handprint art

ATHFEST: KIDSFest Art Contest!

All quotes coloring pages.

All Quotes Coloring Pages

Bug Coloring Pages

Bug Coloring Pages

Patch Programs | Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey

Patch Programs | Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey

bubble painting

bubble painting | Meet the Dubiens

Corn Syrup Paintings

eighteen25: summer craft ideas (part five)


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